Scholars Speak: Guest Blog by Forman Scholar Destiny Green

Destiny Green shares her thoughts to our Scholars Speak student blog series. Destiny is a senior at Rowan University, where she majors in biology. 

Read on to hear about Destiny’s college experiences, advice she has for younger students and the lessons she’s learned about pursuing your academic interests.  

What does pursuing a college degree mean to you?  

Pursuing a higher education means challenging myself to grow and develop while setting myself up to broaden my horizons and get closer to my dreams. 

What’s something you didn’t know during your first year in college that you wish you knew?  

I wish I knew that it’s fine to just take time to explore your interests. Personally, I always had a plan to study and major in biology, but, through the years, I’ve taken classes outside of my major to expand my interests and knowledge. 

What is your most memorable academic moment from your time in college? 

A valuable lesson I learned is to embrace those interests that come from studying outside your major. I recently completed a microbiology course that has further enhanced my interest in that field of study. 

Tell us a time when you overcame a challenge. 

Last semester, I passed organic chemistry with a B. Chemistry has not always been my favorite subject, and I’ve really struggled with it in the past. However, it was refreshing to have a phenomenal professor and tutoring support that allowed me to understand the material more than I’ve ever before. 

For people who may not know about the Foundation, what role has the Foundation played in your educational journey?  

The Foundation has played a vital role in my educational journey. Any questions I had or problems I encountered were always answered by and discussed with members of the Foundation’s staff. The Foundation truly cares about my success and is always ready to help in more ways than one. 

As someone who grew up in either Salem or the Salem area, how has your community shaped your upbringing, and what do you think is needed to ensure the best future for Salem? 

My community shaped my upbringing by challenging me to work hard for the dreams and aspirations I wanted to accomplish. To ensure the best future for Salem, I think more motivation and inspiration is needed for our community to succeed. 

If you had to give one piece of advice to a student who is applying for college, what would it be and why?  

Be wise when deciding on a school. Make sure the school has the right academic program for you and the right support programs in place to help you excel.