Scholars Speak: Guest Blog by Forman Scholar Tariq Justice

Tariq Justice shares his thoughts to our Scholars Speak student blog series. Tariq is a junior at Rutgers University – New Brunswick, where he is majoring in sports management. 

Read on to hear about how the Forman S. Acton Foundation has impacted Tariq’s college career, the advice he has about taking high school seriously and the lessons he’s learned from enrolling in challenging courses. 

What does pursuing a college degree mean to you?  

Attending college and earning a degree will set me up for a successful future career. 

What’s something you didn’t know during your first year in college that you wish you knew?  

It’s essential to keep up with your course credit count. Always keep track of how many credits you’ve earned so that you’re able to graduate on time. 

What is your most memorable academic moment from your time in college? 

Last year, I was really worried about my microeconomics class. It was a challenging course, and I thought I was going to fail. While the class was difficult, I kept at it, persevered and made it through. I passed!

Tell us a time when you overcame a challenge. 

Applying to college can be a difficult process. However, stick with it, and, with the help of your high school counselors and advisors, you’ll eventually find a school to call home. 

For people who may not know about the Foundation, what role has the Foundation played in your educational journey?  

The Foundation and its staff, through their endless support and encouragement, constantly motivate me to work hard and set my sights upon graduation.  

As someone who grew up in either Salem or the Salem area, how has your community shaped your upbringing, and what do you think is needed to ensure the best future for Salem? 

The Salem community has motivated me to think big and imagine life beyond our isolated community. While Salem may lack certain opportunities, my upbringing has taught me to set goals and work tirelessly to achieve them.

If you had to give one piece of advice to a student who is applying for college, what would it be and why?  

Take high school seriously! What you do, or don’t do, in high school will have a substantial impact on what universities accept you and the options you’ll have open to you after high school graduation.