Creating a More Fantastic World: Forman Scholar Dominique Johnson Makes Her Mark, One Story at a Time

Dominique Johnson has always been interested in exploring different stories and time periods. After obtaining her bachelor’s degree from Salisbury University, she hopes to both reach the heights of her educational career and inspire others in the process.

After transferring to Salisbury University from Thomas College when she was a sophomore, Dominique has taken full advantage of the countless exciting experiences that the school has to offer. She says the freedom of being on her own, in addition to all of the different types of people she has met at Salisbury, has truly made her college experience special.

The thing she has enjoyed most, however, is all the time she has spent working in the library. Her time as a librarian’s assistant in Salisbury’s Guerrieri Academic Commons has given her phenomenal experience in seeing firsthand what goes into running a library.

“It teaches you to appreciate what librarians do and how much they provide to students with printed books, eBooks, and any other type of documentation that they might need for their research,” Dominique said.

As an undergrad at Salisbury, Dominique studied English with a focus on creative writing. Some of her favorite genres to write about are sci-fi and – even though she jokes that it may be cheesy – romance. The type of fiction that she is most passionate about writing, however, is fantasy after being inspired during her childhood by J.R.R Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings and Hobbit books, and Christopher Paolini’s Eragon series.

Even though Dominique graduated with a degree in English, history is a subject she is just as passionate about – something that’s been the case ever since she was a kid. In fact, out of all the writing she did during her undergraduate career, it was a piece she wrote in her Japanese Civilizations history class that makes her the proudest.

“It was a retelling of the tale of the Japanese Sun Goddess,” she said. “The professor approached me after one of our finals for this semester, and he told me he really enjoyed the story, which made me feel great because I was scared that I did it wrong at first. So that is one of my favorite pieces so far.”

Because of her love for the subject, Dominique is in the process of continuing her education at Salisbury by pursuing a master’s  degree in history. While she also has plans to obtain her PhD once she finishes her master’s, she’s not sure just yet what exactly she wants to study and what program she might choose. Instead, she hopes to someday work in a museum, either as a curator or researcher. Visiting museums is something Dominique has loved since her elementary school trips to The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia and the incredible museums in Washington D.C. She says she wants to help instill a love of museums for future generations of children. 

In addition to inspiring young people visiting museums, Dominique also hopes to motivate many of the new Forman Scholars and those in her community, through mentorship and good works, which are two of the things that she enjoys most about the Forman S. Acton Foundation.

As for advice she’d give new Scholars just beginning their college careers?

“Remember to breathe,” she said. “Remember where you started from and how much you will achieve for yourself, the Foundation, and others around you. It’s going to be a process, but the rewards you achieve in the end will be amazing.”  


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