Dr. Michael Gorman Makes New Role on Board of Trustees Focused on Education

Michael R. Gorman, Ed.D. has been an avid learner all his life. He has understood the deep value of education since a young age. Since 1981, he’s been woven into the fabric of the Salem community and has dedicated his life’s work to teach students. Today he is the President of Salem Community College and the Forman S. Acton Educational Foundation’s newest board member.

Even while growing up Dr. Gorman’s high school teachers and coaches recognized a special light in him. One afternoon in the late spring of his sophomore year, he recalled speaking with a group of classmates in between game plays on the football field. Dr. Gorman remembers his coach telling him how happy and comfortable he looked. That interaction sparked a feeling that stuck with him. From that day on, he looked forward to his future and a career in education. 

As time went on, Dr. Gorman said his longtime career as an education professional evolved from seeming like the right thing for him to do into a true calling.

“I truly believe that education is the solution to every single problem on the planet,” Dr. Gorman said. “There is nothing we confront that learning can’t conquer. My advocacy for learning is the essence of my passion in the backing of it all. I really believe everything can be solved with sufficient education and learning experiences.”

Dr. Gorman has been a longtime supporter of the Forman S. Acton Educational Foundation. About five years ago and near the beginning stages of the Foundation, Dr. Gorman began his tenure as the President of Salem Community College. The two organizations had a mutual interest in helping students from low-income backgrounds get the access they needed to valuable educational resources and opportunities. The community college is a natural connection to young students in the area and the two organizations have worked closely over the years on various engagements.

There are many aspects of being a part of the Board of Trustees to look forward to, but Dr. Gorman is most excited about helping even more students advance in their educational journeys through learning opportunities. He stresses the importance of encouraging students to take on any opportunities that facilitate their learning experience because, as he says, it will always have a good outcome. Dr. Gorman notices significant differences of how learning in a classroom has changed in the last two decades.

“I teach a class that is similar to public speaking at the community college, and I find it especially rewarding because I had many of my current students’ parents as students themselves when I was a high school principal,” Dr. Gorman said. “Now, I see how technology has changed a great deal of the opportunity for learning. Having the capacity to access almost anything in the palm of your hand makes a world of difference in how you can approach a discussion about an issue. Getting a variety of viewpoints in an instant wasn’t available 20 years ago when I was a student. Now, we’ve removed any obstacles being able to move yourself toward a self-learning mode.”

Dedicated to helping people in the Salem community, Dr. Gorman is part of the leadership team of Stand Up for Salem (SUFS). SUFS is volunteer based non-profit organization working to bring new life to the center of Salem. They work to partner with local government to stimulate business opportunity, historic preservation and community growth through grassroots community development.

In his spare time Dr. Gorman enjoys riding his motorcycle on which he has traveled through most of the country. He has two children, Ryan and Megan. 


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