Forman Scholar Darius Sanders Stays Focused on Academics with Hopes of Attending Law School

While a student at Salem High School, Darius Sanders never shied away from a challenge. He constantly pushed himself and made the most of his high school experience. Post graduation, Darius reflects on his time as a student athlete as he looks ahead to a robust academic career. 

As a talented athlete, Darius dazzled on and off the field, always supporting his soccer and track and field teammates. As a committed student, Darius enrolled in Salem’s International Baccalaureate (IB) program, an academically-rigorous, internationally-recognized program that prepares students for college and life as global citizens. Through the program, Darius found himself studying literature, foreign language, mathematics, history and science, all at an advanced level. One of the courses, a study of the theory of knowledge, stood out from the rest.

 “The Theory of Knowledge course took a philosophical look at the nature of knowledge and it challenged us to question how we truly believe the things we know,” Darius said. “I enjoyed all of the lively debates and discussions we had as a class and my experience taught me valuable lessons that I hope to take with me as I transition to my college studies.”

Darius plans to continue his tradition of academic excellence this fall as a freshman at Drew University, pursuing studies in either psychology or sociology. After earning his undergraduate degree, Darius intends to attend law school, with his sights potentially set on practicing criminal or family law.

“While I realize that college will present its own set of challenges, I believe that my participation in Salem’s IB program has prepared me to embrace this new chapter of my life,” Darius said. “I’m eager to meet new people, forge new relationships and pursue my academic interests.”

Darius says it’s never too early to discover what you’re truly passionate about. He adds although you should be open to new experiences, you should never be afraid to do what makes you happy.

“Trust your gut,” Darius said. “In life, your instincts will always guide you to success, but only if you pay attention to them.”

Darius is quick to point out the transformative effect the Forman S. Acton Educational Foundation has had on his educational career. He recalls the myriad opportunities he has been presented with due to his academic achievement and student involvement beyond the classroom.

“I am so thankful that I made the decision during my junior year to get involved with the Foundation because it has molded me into a more determined student and a more considerate person,” Darius said. “The Foundation and its staff have helped me realize and achieve my goals. They have always aligned me on the path to success, and I have no doubt they will continue to do so in the future.”

In his free time, Darius enjoys exercising, playing soccer and listening to R&B or hip-hop music. 


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