Forman Scholar Emma Boggs Has Her Eyes Set on Becoming Future Fortune 500 CEO

Only 7.4% of Fortune 500 CEOs are women, according to the business magazine’s 2020 ranking of the country’s largest companies. Forman Scholar Emma Boggs has her sights set on increasing that percentage in the future.

With a dream of becoming the next big-name executive, Emma is taking the first step towards that ultimate goal this fall, when she will begin her undergraduate studies at Drew University. After earning a Bachelor of Arts degree, she intends on continuing her education at Wake Forest University, where she will study for a Master of Arts in Management degree as part of an accelerated 10-month program.

Emma’s passion for business began in middle school, when she first became involved with the school’s Future Business Leaders of America chapter. Falling in love with the organization, Emma continued her involvement at Salem High School, serving as vice president and later president of the school’s local chapter. She was even elected to serve as vice president of New Jersey’s statewide chapter.

“I’ve been business oriented from a young age, and my involvement with the Future Business Leaders of America organization allowed me to hone my skills and develop a greater knowledge of and appreciation for the business field,” Emma said. “To serve 8,000 student members as the vice president of the New Jersey chapter was certainly a challenge, but it solidified my desire to pursue a business education in college.”

When Emma was not building out her next business plan, she could be found competing for the cross country, swim and track teams, leading her teammates to victory in various team captain roles. She also enjoyed expressing her creative side, painting and drawing visual masterpieces for her International Baccalaureate art class.

Emma eagerly awaits the start of her college journey, where she looks to make new friends and stretch outside her comfort zone. With Drew so close to New York City, she hopes to take advantage of all that living in a more urban setting has to offer.

“I have a great roommate who I’ve been in contact with all summer,” Emma said. “I intend on filling the next four years of my life with lifelong friendships, exhilarating adventures and impactful memories.”

As the oldest of her siblings and a first-generation college student, Emma says the college search process was completely foreign to her before her junior year of high school. Now that she’s completed the college search and decided upon her dream school, she says she’s learned multiple lessons (some the hard way) that she’ll be sure to pass on to her younger siblings.

“When I got rejected from a few of my ‘top schools,’ I fell into a trap of feeling hopeless about my future, but I quickly realized that rejection letters are only minor setbacks in the grand scheme of things. For students who may face roadblocks along their path to college, keep pushing. With enough grit and determination, you can always achieve your goals and follow your dreams,” said Emma.

She credits the support and mentoring provided by the Forman S. Acton Educational Foundation with aligning her on a path to successfully achieve her goal of becoming a future career business executive.

“I am constantly in awe of the generosity of the Foundation, and I am humbled by the support I have received and will continue to receive as I progress through my college journey,” Emma said. “While the financial support provided by the Foundation will eliminate any future student loans and college debt, the Foundation has also exposed me to a staff of concerned, committed and conscientious experts who know all about the college experience and are prepared to help me every step of the way. I am thankful every day for my involvement with this organization.”

In her free time, Emma enjoys painting, drawing and swimming for her local club swim team. 


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