Forman Scholar Jannah Shakir Excited to Grow Business as Budding Entrepreneur

With a passion for makeup and budding interest in entrepreneurship, Forman Scholar Jannah Shakir has already kick-started her business savvy as a young business owner. The CEO of J Mink Collections sells her own designer eyelash line in this small business she founded as a student.  

The high school graduate turned businesswoman says she’s been wearing false eyelashes for years to enhance her makeup artistry and would always receive compliments on them from others. Seeing this as an untapped opportunity as she spends more time at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, it inspired her to turn passion into profit as she eagerly awaited her first semester of college.  

“Rather than sit at home and do nothing all day, I decided to share my love of lashes with others,” Jannah said. “I started purchasing lashes in bulk and building out my personal brand. So far, the business has been very successful, and people have only had nice things to say about my products.” 

To further promote her lash line and reach more prospective customers, Jannah says she’s planning to soon launch a website and an Instagram page. While she’s excited to watch her business grow and flourish, Jannah says she’s equally excited to start her college journey this fall.  

Jannah will begin the next chapter of her life at Rutgers University.. She plans on majoring in psychology and minoring in either political science or sociology, with visions of medical school in her future. A supportive eighth-grade science teacher and a third-place win at her school’s science fair sparked a passion for the field. Family members’ battles with cancer ignited a desire to use her future medical knowledge to help others.  

“Both of my grandparents are cancer survivors, and their battles with the disease have inspired me to pursue a future medical career in oncology or anesthesiology. As a doctor, I want to ensure my patients live long, healthy and happy lives,” Jannah said.  

Despite transferring into Salem High School at the beginning of her junior year, Jannah got heavily involved outside of the classroom and made the most of her two years. As a student athlete, she ran hurdles for the winter and spring track teams and supported her high school’s football team as a fall cheerleader. She says the strong bonds and fond memories she made on the winter track team are ones that will last a lifetime.  

When it comes to education, Jannah says the Forman S. Acton Educational Foundation allowed her to apply to her dream schools, options she would not have even considered had it not been for the support provided by the Foundation.  

“Throughout the college search, the Foundation encouraged me to always set my sights upon my top schools and never settle for anything less,” Jannah said. “As I begin the next phase of my life, I am thankful for the Foundation and its staff, as they will continue to support me and challenge me as I grow into a future medical professional.”  

Even though the road to a medical degree may be paved with obstacles, Jannah is up for the challenge, as she says hard work will always pay off.   

“If you ever find yourself in a difficult situation, know that it will eventually pass,” Jannah said. “Stay focused, stay motivated and keep pushing towards success because, if you don’t, you’ll eventually come to regret it.”  

In her free time, Jannah enjoys being a world traveler and adding new destinations to her travel bucket list. She plans to one day free-dive with blue whales in Tonga and journey to Morocco. 


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