Forman Scholar Jeremy Beal Determined to Transform Love of Music into Successful Engineering Career

Forman Scholar Jeremy Beal is not your average musician. Rather than using a piano or guitar to express his talent, Jeremy’s instrument of choice is his computer. An avid creator of electronic music, Jeremy uses a software program called FL Studio to build his musical masterpieces. With his freshman year of college fast approaching, Jeremy has decided to study electrical engineering at Rowan University as a first step to integrating his current passion with his future career.

“Even though some may consider me an unconventional musician, I’m still fascinated by the process of creating music. I sometimes find it challenging to meld different instruments harmoniously in a piece, but I’m thrilled when it all comes together in the end,” Jeremy said. “My hope is that by studying engineering in college I will gain a greater appreciation for the technical side of electronic music and improve my skills as a musician.”

Jeremy eagerly awaits the start of the next chapter of his life. The idea of simply living on Rowan’s campus and starting his first college courses excites him, and he is committed to making the most of his college experience.

“I can’t lie and say I’m not a bit nervous given all of the uncertainty brought about by the coronavirus pandemic. However, I know that the next four years of my life are going to be some of the most memorable I will ever experience. As long as I continue to roll with the punches, everything will turn out alright in the end,” Jeremy said.

Active involvement in numerous extracurricular activities kept Jeremy quite busy during his time at Salem, and he plans on continuing to get involved in clubs and organizations at Rowan. As a member of Salem’s soccer and spring track squads, Jeremy demonstrated his athleticism and continually supported his teammates. Involvement in the National Honor Society, the Academic League and the Ram Theatre Stage Crew provided him with a diverse set of experiences and skill sets.

Jeremy has fond memories of the many math classes he took at Salem, saying that encouraging teachers and rigorous study habits contributed to his ultimate success. In fact, he advises current high school students to remain committed to their studies, no matter what courses they are taking.

“You’ll never be able to ace any test you don’t study for and put effort into,” Jeremy said. “All classes will present their own sets of challenges, and some courses will inevitably be more fun than others. Regardless, try to get at least something out of every class.”

With all of the craziness that comes with starting college, Jeremy is thankful to have the Forman S. Acton Educational Foundation by his side, helping him navigate the ups and downs of the next few months.

“The Foundation’s staff has always been a reassuring presence, both while I was at Salem and now as I transition to my studies at Rowan,” Jeremy said. “I’m appreciative of the many opportunities they’ve presented so far, and I look forward to staying in touch with them as I work to one day break into the music industry.”


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