Forman Scholar Michaela DuBois Prepares for Her College Experience Ahead

After researching and applying to 14 different universities, Michaela DuBois knows she made the right choice and is excited to attend Bucknell University this fall. After exploring colleges both near and far in the months leading up to college decision day, she is relieved to know she has secured her new home for the next four years at one of the East Coast’s most prestigious universities.
As she kicks off her first semester, Michaela is looking forward to beginning her studies as a math major and is also thinking about picking up a theater minor. Her interest in math was sparked by the enthusiasm and passion her teachers showed during her middle school and high school years and particularly enjoyed learning why formulas and equations work the way they do and why. Now, in college, she’ll be putting everything she learned to good use.
“I worked really hard over the years to be able to have my choice of where to attend college,” Michaela said. “I looked at so many schools in search of the best program and activities so I can find what I want to do with my career. I know I made the right choice.”
Bucknell was the last school Michaela visited, but when she arrived, it just felt comfortable for her – like home, in a way. She’s looking forward to college, especially making friends with fellow students and settling into a new area with a scenic campus. She says that overall, she’s feeling both excited and nervous about the next chapter in her life and as she starts her freshman year, Michaela is thankful to have a mentor to help her navigate her first semester.
“Freshman year can be a scary time, so it will be great to have someone to talk to,” she said. “At Bucknell, we’re all a member of the same tribe. It’s one more way to enhance my college experience. I’m really looking forward to it.”
Before shipping off to Bucknell in August, Michaela was one of dozens of current and former Forman Scholars to attend the celebration dinner earlier this year. Although she didn’t know much about the late Forman Acton before receiving her scholarship, she enjoyed learning about his commitment to helping students, his travels and his legacy of investing in students’ education. She hopes to use her unique position as a way to help others who follow in her footsteps.
“I am grateful to be in this program. It’s why I’m able to afford the college of my choice,” Michaela said. “I see this program as an opportunity to pay it forward and be a resource to students who participate in the program after me.”

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