Forman Scholar Tariq Justice Begins College Career at Rutgers this Fall

What started off as a hobby to make money, buying and selling clothes and shoes from an app and upselling them to make a profit, might now have the ability to turn into a business when Tariq Justice begins his undergraduate degree in the fall.

Interested in studying Business, Psychology or Sports Management, Tariq is hoping to use his past experience of buying and selling athletic gear, sneakers and more into an academic setting at Rutgers University.

Before his fall semester classes begin, this Forman Scholar has already started his college experience and is currently participating in a five-week Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) program at Rutgers. A combination of counseling and classes, the program includes testing and essay writing to ease the transition from high school to college and prepares students for what they’ll face once they officially move at the end of August. Nearly 600 new EOF students enroll at Rutgers each fall, and it features everything from workshops on career planning and stress management to a variety of other social and recreational activities.

“The EOF program has opened my eyes to college life and other cultures,” Tariq said. “I’ve befriended many people who I would never think to speak to in a public setting, and I’ve also been working on public speaking and confidence to get the best of my college experience.”

“With the summer classes, I’ve learned that time management is a major key to success along with having a mindset focused on education before anything else.”

Once he does move into his dorm room this fall, Tariq says he’d like to be active in the Rutgers community. He always wished he had more time to get involved during his high school days, but responsibilities with after-school work made that a bit difficult. Now, with all the opportunities Rutgers provides for getting involved, Tariq is ready to find a few new passions.

As with any incoming freshman, Tariq is feeling anxious about what lies ahead. However, Tariq’s strong background in mathematics is helping to ease those stresses a bit. And while he knows there will be challenges ahead as he begins his college career, his advice to the younger generation of students is to never procrastinate, something he’s promising to work on at Rutgers, and always take advantage of the classes that come easy to you.

Now, with just a few weeks left until he heads off to New Brunswick, New Jersey, for the next four years, Tariq hopes to pass down his success and positive attitude with others in Salem. He’s proud of becoming a Forman Scholar and can’t wait to begin the next phase of his life.

“People in the community talk to me and ask about how I came to be a Forman Scholar,” Tariq said. “To be one, it is an accomplishment. For the young people coming up, I hope I am somebody they can look up to and try and be like.”


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