Acorn Fund Distributions Available For 2019 Spring Semester – Apply By January 5

If you're ready to use your Acorn Fund account savings to pay for 2020 spring semester college expenses, you can request a payment directly to your college starting December 1. The deadline to...

Forman Scholar Mya Avant Channels Her Skills to Make a Difference in the Community

Mya Avant never had a problem finding a passion. In fact, she was lucky enough to find three. This triple passion presented her with a unique challenge of finding a university that would enable her to pursue three separate paths. And because of her incredible hard work and dedication to her studies, when she graduated this past August from Pennsylvania State University, she walked with not one, but three Bachelor’s degrees in hand.

Forman Scholar Tiasia Tatem Inspires Others to Work Towards Social Good

Tiasia Tatem wants to be an inspiration for the young people that she hopes to serve someday. With her degree in Criminal Justice from Rutgers University in Camden, New Jersey, Tiasia aspires to become an advocate for children in need, especially those in the juvenile justice system.

Forman Scholar Megan Sharp Dedicates Career to Helping Others, Inspiring Younger Sisters

Megan Sharp has made it her mission to support and help others in everything she does in her career. After five years in college with a degree in hand from Thomas Jefferson University, this Forman Scholar became an expert in occupational therapy by earning both her Bachelor and Master’s degrees.

From Scholar to Mentor: Forman Scholar Tanner Humphreys Makes the Most of Every Experience

Tanner Humphreys is no stranger to setting his mind on something and putting in the hard work needed to accomplish his goals. He may have had to try a few different majors to test the waters but that ultimately lead Tanner to find his true passion.

More Salem High School Students Eligible for Acorn Fund Accounts

Parents of 9th graders attending Salem High School who don’t live in Salem City -- you are now eligible to sign your child up for an Acorn Fund account!

Creating a More Fantastic World: Forman Scholar Dominique Johnson Makes Her Mark, One Story at a Time

Dominique Johnson has always been interested in exploring different stories and time periods. After obtaining her bachelor’s degree from Salisbury University, she hopes to both reach the heights of her educational career and inspire others in the process.

From Student to Teacher: Forman Scholar Megan Pankok Setting Out to Inspire Others Through Her Love of English

Megan Pankok believes in the power of the written word. And when this Forman Scholar graduates from Drew University in a few years, she wants to share her passion with students just as eager to learn as she is.

Forman Scholar Akina Nichols Breaks Stigmas and Changes Lives

Creating a more compassionate, inclusive world is proving to be Forman Scholar Akina Nichols’ passion. Based on personal experience with those struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), Akina aspires to become a psychiatrist so that she can help people affected by the disorder, particularly those in the military.

Deadline Quickly Approaching to Apply for the Graduation Bonus to Use Funds for the Spring Semester!

Acorn Fund graduates who want to use their Graduation Bonus Award to pay for college expenses in the 2020 Spring Semester must apply for the Graduation Bonus Award by September 15, 2020. For those who wish to use their Graduation Bonus for a later semester, there is no deadline at this time.