Forman Scholar Katie Ridgway Hopes to Turn Love for Animals into Lifelong Profession

Animals have always been a big part of Katie Ridgway’s life. From the time she was little, Katie always had cats, dogs and horses around to play with, cuddle alongside and ride.

Forman Scholar Sarah Sharp Ready to Forge Her Own Path at Stockton University

Growing up in an academically competitive household—and one that already features two Forman Scholars—Sarah Sharp encountered some unique experiences when it came to school, grades and choosing where to attend college.

Forman Scholar Michaela DuBois Prepares for Her College Experience Ahead

After researching and applying to 14 different universities, Michaela DuBois knows she made the right choice and is excited to attend Bucknell University this fall.

Forman Scholar Kyla Avant Prepares for Her Bright Future Ahead

Inspired by friends in her community, 2018 Forman Scholar Kyla Avant will dedicate her career to improving others’ lives and helping those who need it most.

Forman Scholar Tariq Justice Begins College Career at Rutgers this Fall

What started off as a hobby to make money, buying and selling clothes and shoes from an app and upselling them to make a profit, might now have the ability to turn into a business when Tariq Justice begins his undergraduate degree in the fall.

Forman Scholar Starrchild Jackson Reflects on His Journey Ahead

A young politician in the making, 2018 Forman Scholar Starrchild Jackson is set to attend college this fall right in the backyard of where America’s federal laws are brought to life.

Acorn Fund Distributions Available For 2018 Fall Semester – Apply By August 10

If you're ready to use your Acorn Fund account savings to pay for 2018 fall semester college expenses, you can now request a payment directly to your college.

New Forman Scholar Sierra Brown Prepares for Freshman Year at Stockton

All it took was one beautiful South Jersey day for 2018 Forman Scholar Sierra Brown to make up her mind as to where she’d call home for the next few years.

Forman Scholar Madinah Thomas Begins Her Career Journey as an Accountant

Madinah Thomas is all about seizing opportunities. Whether that’s an opportunity to try new things, to meet new people or to turn a simple recruiting visit into your dream job, taking opportunities is what led her to where she is today.

Forman Scholar Mariah Pierce Continues Her Education Journey in Graduate School

Mariah Pierce says her journey to earning her undergraduate degree wasn’t an easy one.