We aim to collaborate with all schools, educational organizations and youth development organizations in the greater Salem community. By working together, we can maximize the talent, vision, and resources we can all contribute. If you would like to explore working with us, please contact us at



It’s a Girl World, Inc. (SJ Robotics) seeks to help young women entering 7th, 8th, and 9th grades build confidence and self-esteem, develop long-term skills, pursue and be successful in their future career goals and seek careers in STEM ( Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math).

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Give Something Back provides full college scholarships and mentoring to students who have faced economic hardship and other adversities. Special priority is given to students that have been impacted by the incarceration of a parent and children in the foster care system.  9th grade students are selected to ensure that they benefit from college readiness programs, campus visits, financial aid workshops, test preparatory classes and social events.

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New Jersey’s Heartland was created by the Pascale Sykes Foundation as part of its South Jersey Economic Initiative. It is designed to promote all of the key attractions, benefits, resources and hidden treasures that can be found within this special four-county region, comprising Cumberland, Gloucester, Salem, and Western Atlantic Counties.

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National Center for College Costs has provided individualized programs and services that help students and parents prepare for college of all kinds by designing programs  to complement the work traditionally done by guidance counselors and others who work with students as they prepare for higher education.

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One Village Alliance fosters a community-based, people-fueled approach to uplift children and their families on a holistic journey toward excellence through education, entrepreneurship and the arts.

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Optumed is an organization that helps individuals understand college financing and personal finance by designing and delivering customized financial education solutions that build and strengthen the financial capabilities of young adults.

The Pascale Sykes Foundation focuses on programs targeting families who are low-income with at least one actual or potential wage earner and those involving open, voluntary enrollment. Using a Whole Family Approach, grantees based in New Jersey and New York address a myriad of family situations, from foster families, neighborhood development to immigrants and more. In addition, the Foundation supports transportation efforts and economic development opportunities in rural Southern New Jersey. The Pascale Sykes Foundation is in the process of spending its assets and closing its doors in 2022 or 2023. As such, the Foundation will only consider proposals from current grantees for renewal of existing grants.

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Rowan University’s STEAM Academy features instruction and presentations by top faculty whose diverse curriculum better prepares students entering grades 9-12 for college and career paths in one of the fastest growing segments of today’s economy by pairing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) with art, design, culture and humanities to provide an even more well-rounded experience.


Stand Up For Salem is a volunteer based non-profit organization working to bring new life to the center of Salem by stimulating business opportunity, historic preservation and community growth through grassroots community development.