Community Ambassadors

Forman S. Acton loved his hometown of Salem City, and throughout his life he always returned to the area where he grew up.

Our foundation aims to always keep that close connection alive, which is why we’ve asked Salem area residents to serve as our Community Ambassadors.

These ambassadors help us stay in touch with what friends, family and neighbors in the community are talking about. They help us learn about the city’s wants, needs and dreams. They also help us spread the word about foundation programming so every family in Salem is aware of the variety of educational opportunities that are available to them.

We talk with our Ambassadors regularly, and they formally meet at least quarterly to offer their advice and wisdom to the Foundation’s trustees and staff.

Below are our current Community Ambassadors - those folks who go out of their way to help us  enhance our efforts to support and nurture the needs of Salem’s youth

  • Sharon Kellum

  • Ron Magill

  • Alice Waddington

  • Lynne Saunders

  • Katie Griffith

  • Fr. Chuck Messer

  • Elizabeth Irvine

To learn more about the Foundation’s Ambassadors, reach out to Rick Wilson, our Director of Scholarships, at