Forman Scholars Give Back to Their Communities

In return for the generosity of Forman S. Acton, here's how our scholars paid it forward.

Acton Foundation Awards Grant for Salem Youth Empowerment Services Initiative

Learn more about our partnership with Stand Up for Salem to provide real-world learning opportunities for Salem's youth!

Foundation Cited as Leading Provider of Savings Accounts

We were honored recently to be mentioned in a presentation by the National Scholarship Providers Association as a national leader on providing children's savings accounts. Learn more!

Awesome Free College Experience for Salem High School Students!

We’re paying for Salem students to attend a three-week program at Rowan University this summer, but students need to apply by April 7!

Forman Scholar Najwa Tatum Appointed to Board of Trustees

Learn about our newest board member!

How To Start Using Your Acorn Fund Savings!

If you or your child is in college and signed up for our Acorn Fund program: you can request funds to pay for college starting on July 25, 2017. Learn more here.

How to earn college credit at Salem High School

Learn how we've teamed up with Salem Community College to allow students to get college credit for high school courses, saving them time and money when they get to college.

Forman Scholars Find Success in Math and Science

Read about what our Forman Scholars have been up to at school and after graduation!

2nd Annual Forman Scholars Dinner a Success!

We held our 2nd Annual Forman Scholars Dinner and Celebration on June 20, 2016, at the First Baptist Church in Salem. This event was designed to foster a community of learning and support among...

Grant Allows Salem Students to Receive Free College Credits

Dramatically more Salem High School students have now received free college credit thanks to a new grant partnership between the Forman S. Acton Educational Foundation and Salem Community College. SHS students have long been able to get dual credit for completing high school advanced placement courses, meaning they would get credit toward both their high school diploma and college degree. However, few students have taken advantage in the past.