Foundation Shares Fall Semester Update on Forman Scholars

It’s hard to believe how quickly the fall season is flying by! Typically, Director of Scholarships Rick Wilson travels to students’ universities to visit the Forman Scholars in person and on campus. Since so much has changed and we can’t travel as safely now, Rick transitioned his visits to virtual video calls and still had a meaningful time with the students.

Forman Scholar Jeremy Beal Determined to Transform Love of Music into Successful Engineering Career

Forman Scholar Jeremy Beal is not your average musician. Rather than using a piano or guitar to express his talent, Jeremy’s instrument of choice is his computer. An avid creator of electronic music, Jeremy uses a software program called FL Studio to build his musical masterpieces.

Forman Scholar Quadier Adams Committed to Serving Community as New Jersey State Police Narcotics Detective

As a young kid, Forman Scholar Quadier Adams found himself mesmerized by the police crime dramas he watched on TV. Shows like Criminal Minds and Flashpoint ignited his imagination, as he pictured himself participating in a thrilling stakeout or preventing a dangerous criminal from terrorizing a community.

Forman Scholar Diamani Reed is Destined to Sing Her Way to Stardom from Drew University to Hollywood

There’s no business like show business, and no one knows that better than Forman Scholar Diamani Reed. With a passion for the performing arts, Diamani has her sights set on voicing the next blockbuster animated Disney musical.

Forman Scholar Jacob Grusemeyer Plans to Follow in Family’s Footsteps and Become NJ State Trooper

For Forman Scholar Jacob Grusemeyer, law enforcement runs in the family. Many of his relatives are current or former New Jersey State Troopers. With a desire to continue his family’s legacy of service to the community, Jacob hopes to one day count himself among the State Troopers’ ranks and protect New Jersey’s highways on the turnpike beat.

Forman Scholar Darius Sanders Stays Focused on Academics with Hopes of Attending Law School

While a student at Salem High School, Darius Sanders never shied away from a challenge. He constantly pushed himself and made the most of his high school experience. Post graduation, Darius reflects on his time as a student athlete as he looks ahead to a robust academic career.

Forman Scholar Gage Ausland Aims to Make a Difference in the Lives of Young Athletes as a Physical Therapist

Growing up as an active athlete, Forman Scholar Gage Ausland often found himself on the mend and in need of physical therapy. Over the years, he came to appreciate how the physical therapists he worked with focused their time on more than just the healing of his body.

Forman Scholar Emma Boggs Has Her Eyes Set on Becoming Future Fortune 500 CEO

Only 7.4% of Fortune 500 CEOs are women, according to the business magazine’s 2020 ranking of the country’s largest companies. Forman Scholar Emma Boggs has her sights set on increasing that percentage in the future.

Forman Scholar Bryce Smick Looks Forward to Strengthening Passion for the Environment in College

For high school seniors preparing to embark upon their college journeys, choosing a major or course of study to focus on for their next four years is no easy task.

Forman Scholar Jannah Shakir Excited to Grow Business as Budding Entrepreneur

With a passion for makeup and budding interest in entrepreneurship, Forman Scholar Jannah Shakir has already kick-started her business savvy as a young business owner.